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We are small indie studio from Odessa, Ukraine. We like playing chess, poker and table tennis. We usually drink coffee a lot and we work mostly nights. We are also crazy about digital card games and MOBAs. We work on a strategy card game we will enjoy playing ourselves. A game where you don’t need to buy tons of packs hoping to get extra rare overpowered cards. A game where your success is defined by your skill and not by your wallet. A strategy card game with deep gameplay, rich lore, and awesome arts. That is our goal, our passion, and our true motivation. That is  Soulsmith: Arena Card Game.

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Soulsmith is a strategy card game where fearless warriors led by mighty heroes battle on the arena for the honor, glory, and the loot. From building your deck to dropping heroes and warriors to specific lane or dungeon, every decision you make will require strategic planning and forecasting your opponent's moves. Destroy your enemies with powerful magic, crush them with overwhelming brute force, win by destroying enemy forts and a castle avoiding fights, outsmart your opponent with your own unique strategy, it's all up to you! In Soulsmith, there is no such thing as super rare cards with enormously high stats that are must haves in every deck. Every single castle, hero, warrior, recipe, item, fort or monster may be good, bad or decent depending on your strategy or situation on the arena.

Create your deck and conquer Midworld Realm in thrilling PvE encounters or show who's boss in PvP quick and ladder games. Both modes will grant you with tons of fun, loot, and new cards.